Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Black External Lockable Post Box

The Large Hardcastle Black External
As I have mentioned before on this website, there are many external post boxes for sale in the market place, and the majority of them are really good quality. The other really good thing about them is their price. They are pretty cheap in all sizes. This one made by Hardcastle is one of the larger, and more popular examples. Made from Steel, it features a lift up lid with letter slot and has a lockable front that opens fully to allow easy retrieval of the mail. It can be easily wall or fence mounted.

But do make sure to secure it firmly. It's not the heaviest box out there as it is quite thin, so won't need any special bolts, but securing it properly is obviously much better from a security perspective. And some people will use after market Rawl Bolts like M10 - M12 or similar (If mounting to a wall) to ensure that box can not be forced of the wall without a lot of effort.

This post box does come with everything needed in order for you to mount it straight out the packaging (Screws and plugs). 2 keys for the lock are supplied. A few people have asked the question of whether the lock can be closed without the need of using a key. The answer is no, you need the key to lock the box. However, one buyer done a little D.I.Y and drilled a hole through the lid and through the front entrance, allowing the use of a padlock. He then told the mail man to press the padlock closed once the mail has been delivered into the box. A simple but very effective method.

This is the large model and the measurements are as follows: Height: Just under 19 inches. Width: 12.7 Inches. Depth: 8". Letter hole size: A little over10 Inches across by 1.5". Want it in another colour? Sadly, it's only available in Black. But it does look very professional. A good external mail collector for the price. If you want something with a matching design but smaller and more streamlined take a look at the Savisto.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Rottner USA Style Mailbox Black

Here we have another American style mailbox, this time in black. Three different colours of this mailbox are available. There is black (Pictured), a white model, and a Chrome steel version. At first glance the Chrome box looks like it's much cheaper to buy than the other two examples. It's priced at just over £27 so comes in much cheaper than the other two colours. However, on closer inspection it appears the seller is asking for £14 for delivery in the UK. So, no matter what colour you want to buy they all basically work out to be the same price.

Check out the Rottner USA Style Mailbox in Black

But there are slight differences in design. The Chrome / silver model looks more authentic (Not made by Rottner) because it has writing on the front which reads: "U.S. MAIL - Approved by the postmaster general". See picture below. The seller has also listed the item as being Made In USA, whereas the sellers of the other models (black + white) don't make the same claim. They also don't have any writing on the front. just a picture of a letter, and the red flag is slightly different. The handle too.

Check out the Chrome American Mailbox

These are just little differences, all of them will serve you well. And all of them are made to a high standard and have great reviews. People in the UK are loving their new American style mailboxes! The only negative is that its a shame they don't have a lock feature. And at this price the stand / pole isn't included, so has to be bought separately. Although the boxes are easily mountable with a piece of wood or plastic so the stand isn't essential.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Pretty Xmas Design American Letterbox

Pretty Snow Scene American Letter box
What a lovely little Xmas design American style mailbox. So pretty! There are quite a few of these US letterboxes for sale in the UK, but a lot of them are plain colours like white, black, and silver (Chrome). This one has a cute little bird sitting on a branch with snow falling wearing a Christmas hat holding a present on the end of a ribbon. Such a nice design, and it fits the time of year perfectly. It's made from steel.

This product does cost more than the plain ones but the design looks to have a really high quality finish so it is worth the price. Even if some houses in the UK do have an American mailbox, I can't see many in the UK having a design like this. Like most of these letter boxes, the mounting pole is sold separately. But its not as if you can't find an alternative for free from around your house like other people who have bought an American mailbox have done. It's just for mounting it after all. Great gift idea.

American Style White Mailbox UK

Check out the White American Mailbox
This American mailbox comes in plain white, but with a little imagination you can jazz it up to whatever you want it to look like. Paint it a different colour or go wild and add your own funky design. If you have kids maybe you could let them doodle all over it for fun!. That's what some homes do in the USA. Here in the UK these American mailboxes are becoming more and more popular. This one is made from steel and features the classic little red flag which lets you know if you have any letters to collect. By all accounts this is a really high quality mailbox.

Reviews are excellent. It makes a great gift for someone who's just moved into a new house, getting married, or adds a touch of uniqueness to your own home. In the UK it does anyway, as these mailboxes are looked at as really cool. The mounting pole is sold separately, but to save some money a few people have just used their own metal pole or wooden stick that they already had around the house with no issues at all.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Vintage Style Wall Mounted UK Mailbox

This vintage style lockable wall mounted post box by popamazing is an excellent mailbox for the cheap price. It measures 16 Inches in height, 9 Inches across, and 3 Inches in thickness. The box is similar in design to an old UK postbox and features an actual "Letterbox" at the top and a nice emblem on the front. The mail is retrieved from the bottom of the box and is protected by lock and key. The lock is of a good quality and the mailbox itself is fairly well made for the price. It's made from 0.2 of an Inch thick galvanised metal plate. It comes with all the fixtures and fittings needed to install it on the wall, railings or gate straight out the box.

Vintage Style Wall Mounted Mailbox in Red

Although, it would be better to hang this mailbox by using metal Rawl Bolts rather than the plastic rawl plugs that come with the product. The letter slot measures 9 Inches by 2 Inches so is suitable for thin packages also. This vintage mailbox not only comes black in colour, but also comes in red (Pictured above) and bronze. Great mailbox for around £20.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Black Steel Wall Mounted Letter Box

Black Savisto Wall Mounted Letter Box
This black Savisto wall mounted letter box is a great deal. You get a lot of letter box for the low price. The size is impressive. It measures just under 14 inches in height, 12.5 inches across, and is around 4 inches in width (thickness), making it ideal for small and big letters. Even thin packages will be no problem because the slot size measures 11 inches across and is just under 1 inch in width (0.9 of an inch) It's a very stylish external letterbox and is suitable for most houses / flats. The black Savisto wall mounted letter box can be fitted to most surfaces that are made of wood, metal or brick. Like a gate or railings. And of course, wall mounted.

This external letter box may be cheap to buy but the quality of the product has not been compromised. It's made from galvanised (coated) steel so is tough, hard-wearing, and will last many years. The lock is also of a high quality. It's not one that can be opened easily without the key. However, if you are receiving valuable mail on a regular basis it would be wise to buy a mailbox which offers slightly better security all round.

The top of the mailbox has been made using a hinged "up and down" motion. Pull the lid up, insert the mail, and push the lid back down. This is a great feature as it covers the mail slot, preventing any rain getting through to the inside of the box. This feature is more needed If you are someone who is going to install this letter box outside rather than in a hallway or porch. But even so, this is still a useful feature. Also, the lid needing to be lifted is not required when retrieving mail from the box.

The black Savisto wall mounted letter box comes with all the screws and plugs needed for the user to proceed straight away with installing the mailbox. Although the screws and plugs supplied with this item are perfectly fine, I would always recommend fitting any outdoor letter box with metal Rawl Plugs for extra strength and protection. The lock comes with two keys and the box has a little card holder on the front so you can put some information in there like a house / flat number.

The box weighs around two kilogrammes. Customer reviews are mostly excellent for this mailbox, although there are one or two that claim their letters got wet when it rained even though the lid was down. Other than that, a great residential post box. And one that is popular for guarding against mischievous dogs eager to chew on the mail.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Read Before Buying an Outside Letterbox

The modern Popamazing Waterproof Lockable Mailbox
Outdoor letterboxes for residential houses, or mailboxes as they are mostly called in the USA, are a relatively new addition in the UK if you take into consideration how long people in the USA have been using them for. Of course, the UK has had post boxes and pillar boxes for well over a century and a half (since the 1800's). But for residential homes in the UK they are becoming more and more popular as time goes by. Outdoor letterboxes, whether wall mounted or otherwise, do have a few Pro's and Cons that should be taken into consideration if you are thinking of buying one.

One of the most important things to consider is security. Nothing that's located outside which is sold to the general public, will ever beat the security and peace of mind of having your letters and other mail posted straight through the locked front door of your house / flat letterbox and landing on your door mat. Outdoor letterboxes are used in many locations outside. It really depends on the house, the convenience level required, and the location. Some people who have big houses have them right at the end of a big driveway, very far away from the actual house, and sometimes not even visible to the home owners. With this kind of set up the last thing you want is a cheaply made external letterbox with one of those generic type locks that are extremely easy to unlock. You know, the ones that can be unlocked with a belt buckle or hair grip with minimal effort. And don't forget about how well / secure the letterbox has been mounted / fitted to what its been attached to outside, like the wall, gate, fence, or a wooden surround.

It needs to be very secure and in this situation where the letterbox is far away from the home extra strength fixtures like metal rawlbolts /  Rawl Bolt anchors would be a good idea. That way if a potential thief can't open the lock because you've bought a good quality external letterbox, they won't be able to yank or kick it off its fixture either. Not easily anyway. Of course, this is just one situation. A lot of people have them much closer to the actual house, and many have them fitted inside the porch of there home. They then just leave the porch door open so that the postman can deliver the mail straight to the wall mounted letterbox without having to knock on the front door and disturb the residents.

But even in these situations security is not air tight, so you should still take precautions in terms of fixing the box so its very secure, and if you have any mail coming which you know is valuable always try to use a service which requires a signature and actually take it off the postman in person so that there can be no dispute if something goes missing. If the postman put the valuable mail into the letterbox without getting a signature and it does happen to disappear you will be covered and the postie may be in a bit of trouble!. If you don't mind something of fairly low value being left in the Mounted Letterbox then just ask the sender not to use a service which requires a signature. Obviously, this does have more risk involved but does make it easier for you beings that you don't have to wait in or get up out of bed to sign for a letter or package.

However, even if there isn't anything of value coming your way by post you still don't want your mail being read or tampered with. It's a privacy issue, and don't forget about identity theft either. So make sure you buy a good quality, lockable metal post box. And make sure you also fit it well. This thing needs to be indestructible! The good news is, a big majority of letter boxes that are for use outside are actually quite cheap to buy. That applies to outdoor letterboxes that have good locking systems and have been made from good quality materials. Some even have a newspaper / magazine holder like the one pictured above. They are all quite cheap.

There are many different brands and sizes to choose from. A few of the brands easily obtainable in the UK are Home Design, Becker, Sterling, Arregui, LHG and Rottner. Sizing ranges from small to medium, which can hold small to medium mail items from A5 - A4. Large can hold packages and bigger letters. Extra Large are the biggest and can hold small to medium sizes boxes. Of course, the bigger you go the more expensive they are to buy. This also applies to the material the letter box is made from. You can buy plastic mailboxes, aluminium, stainless steel, hardened steel, and even Iron. Some people in the UK want an American style mailbox. They are available here in the UK. Just take a look on Amazon or eBay and you will see some of them available for sale.

One of the best things about buying a wall mounted mailbox is convenience. They are very practical and can make your life that little bit easier, and the postman's too.

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